Cohesive for Centuries

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The film is dedicated to the 1000-year history of the unity of the Mordovian people with the peoples of the Russian state. The film uses filming: 1 part. Landscapes of Mordovia: fields, forests, river; Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor V.A. Yurchenkov talks (sync. and behind the scenes.) about archaeological finds that tell about the 1000-year history of Russian-Mordovian relations; view of the building of the museum of Mordovian folk culture, exhibits of Mordovian folk culture in the halls of the museum; view of the building of the Mordovian Republican Museum of Local Lore and the exhibits presented in the halls of the museum; General view of the cathedral in Saransk, the interior of the cathedral; general view of the exhibits in the F.F.Ushakov Museum in Temnikov; General view of the memorial and "eternal flame" on Victory Square in Saransk in memory of those who died during the Great Patriotic War, the building of the S. Erzya Museum of Fine Arts, the monument to S. Erzi in front of the museum, the work of the sculptor S. Erzya in the halls of the museum, schoolchildren on excursions; the building of the Saransk Art School named after FV Sychkov, students under the guidance of teachers work in the workshops of the school, demonstrate finished products of decorative and applied art. Part 2. General view of the building of the hotel and restaurant "Saransk" on Kommunisticheskaya Street; general view of the monument "Forever with Russia" on the Friendship Alley in Saransk, view of the building of the administration of the head of the Republic of Mordovia on the central square of the city; view of the building of the "Saranskkabel-Optics" plant, production processes in the workshops of the enterprise; production processes in the shops of the Saransk plant of precision instruments, in the shops and laboratories of OJSC VNIIS named after A. Lodygin, in the shops of the Saransk plant "Orbita"; general view of the building of the Mordovian State University, students at a lecture in the audience, at the exam; view of the building where the bank "Rosselkhozbank" and the Wedding Palace are located; general view of the "Start" stadium and the building of the Ice Palace; the grand opening of the velodrome in Saransk; among those present, the head of the Republic N. I. Merkushkin; VV Kolesnikov, director of the Chegin Olympic Training Center for Race Walking, talks about the victories of Mordovian athletes; newsreels: international race walking competitions; among the participants of the competition Mordovian athletes, awarding the winners; general view of one of the Mordovian villages; performance of Mordovian amateur groups during the concert of the festival of folk art (sinhr.).
N. Dyakov
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higher professional education
, urban utilities
, rural settlements
, christianity
, athletics
, museums
, landscapes
, artistic activities
, instrument-making industry
, professional education
, athletic facilities
, cities
, sculpture
, history
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N. Dyakov
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