Collective Farm Day

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The film tells about the collective farm "Proletarian Will". The narration for the film is based on the correspondence between collective farmer Mikhail Konovalov and a resident of the GDR, a member of the F. Engels agricultural cooperative Herbert Holm. Stavropol Territory, Foothill District, the village of Yutsa. General view of the village of Yutsa, located in the lowland of the Pyatigorsk intermountain. Sunrise on the background of power lines. Buildings of livestock farms of the collective farm "Proletarian Will". Milkmaids are walking along the territory of the livestock complex, a tractor with a cart is driving by. A herd of cows in the pasture. Geese drink water from a stream. Mikhail Konovalov takes a letter from Herbert Holm out of the mailbox. The bus drives along the highway near livestock farms. A shepherd on horseback drives a herd of cows to the pasture. Combines "Niva" are working on wheat harvesting. The grain is poured into the hopper. Photos of the first workers of the commune "Proletarian Will". The chairman of the collective farm "Proletarskaya Volya" Nikolai Ivanovich Ryabenko examines the ears of wheat in the field, driving along the road along the field with sunflower. Meeting of the collective farm board in the office of N. I. Ryabenko. School buildings, House of Culture of the collective farm "Proletarian Will". Schoolchildren at recess in front of the school building. Brick dwelling houses of collective farmers. A woman is watering flowers near the house. Construction of a brick house. Figures of horses on the ridge of the roof. Buyers and sellers on the trading floor of an industrial goods store. A woman picks apples in her backyard. The man feeds the rabbits. The woman feeds the chickens. A fisherman with a fishing rod on the river bank. A herd of horses gallops across the meadow. General view of the village of Yutsa from the mountain. The villagers are dancing in the meadow. The accordion player is playing. Wedding in the village. The bride and groom are near the house. The guests are dancing. Kolkhoz chairman N. I. Ryabenko among the guests at the wedding table. The bride and guests are dancing. Stavropol Territory. The building of the collective farm sanatorium in Kislovodsk (Pyatigorsk). Krasnodar region. The building of a collective farm sanatorium on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. Vacationers swim in the sea. Swimming pool near the building.
V. Efimov
Film ID
urban transport
, rural settlements
, school education
, collective farms
, bytsel population
, building
, livestock
, club type institutions
, spa assistance
, postal communication
, landscapes
, plant growing
, poultry
Number of Parts
G. Гаврилов
Other Creators
consultant N. Ryabenko, editor V. Vlasenko, director R. Ganikov
Release Date
Has Sound

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