Collective Farm Money

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The film tells about the advantages of the introduction of "collective farm money" in the Kazakh collective farm "40 years of October" under the leadership of the chairman Nikolai Nikitich Golovatsky. Part 1 Kazakh SSR, Alma-Ata region, Panfilov district, collective farm "40 years of October". Children's toys on the shelves in a rural store. Modern collective farm vehicles on the territory of the collective farm. Refueling a car with gasoline at a gas station. The deputy chairman of the kolkhoz, the chief economist of the kolkhoz talk about the advantages of introducing kolkhoz "money", which are checks in denominations from 20 kopecks to 100 rubles, which have no monetary value, but allow you to pay on the territory of the kolkhoz (sync. Mechanized harvesting of corn in the field. Collective farm car workshop. The crane operator is working. Locksmith's workshop. A canal with artesian water, built for irrigation of fields. Part 2 Kazakh SSR, Alma-Ata region, Panfilov district, collective farm "40 years of October". Sheep-breeding complex of the collective farm. Mechanized distribution of feed to sheep and gobies. A herd of geese. Kolkhoz chairman, Twice Hero of Socialist Labor Nikolai Nikitich Golovatsky talks about the profits received by the collective farm, about the purchase of new equipment and seeds; about the need to create comfortable conditions for young people for work and life (sync., behind the scenes). Maize harvesting. New buildings for a kindergarten, school, houses for collective farm workers. Kolkhoz chairman N.N. Golovatsky, collective farm workers, guests at a gala event at the House of Culture. Working meeting in the management of the collective farm. The machine that prints collective farm "money". Banknotes and coins of various denominations of the Soviet period.
A. Kulakov
Film ID
irrigation systems
, state agricultural enterprises
, general education schools
, livestock
, club type institutions
, finance
, preschool education
, trade
, field cultivation
, harvest
Number of Parts
V. Glazunov
Other Creators
scriptwriter Yu. Reznikov, sound engineer O. Kozhanov, editor S. Verevkina, director R. Zhumagulova, consultant, candidate of economic sciences M. Sigarev
Release Date
Has Sound

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