Colonel General Novikov

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Southwestern Front. Colonel-General of the Air Force A. A. Novikov at the front headquarters. Moscow. May 13, 1943 M. I. Kalinin presents the Marshal's star to A. A. Novikov. MI Kalinin presents the Order of Suvorov and Kutuzov 2 degrees to Major General of Artillery Yu. M. Fedorov, R. P. Babaychuk. Present: A. F. Gorkin, D. D. Lelyushenko. Air Marshal A. A. Novikov presents US state awards (American orders) to the commanders of the Soviet Army. The plot "Prisoners" Operators G. Mogilevsky, T. Bunimovich, prod. No. 169 Voronezh Front, Belgorod Region, Valuisky District, village of Rozhdestveno, 26-27.01.1943 Outskirts of the village of Rozhdestveno. Soldiers of the Italian infantry divisions "Vicenza", "Cuneense", "Giulia" walk in a line across the field with their hands up, throwing rifles into the snow (a total of 9,000 people surrendered). Soviet soldiers from behind a snowdrift watching the prisoners. Soldiers escort captured Italian generals along the street of the village of Rozhdestveno; among them: Divisional General Commander of the 4th Alpine Division "Cuneense" [Battisti Emilio], Major General, Commander of the 3rd Alpine Infantry Division "Julia" [Recagno Umberto] and Major General, Commander of the 156th Infantry Division "Vicenza" "[Pascolini Ethelwaldo]. The Italian generals are being interrogated by Lieutenant Colonel A.V. Kirsanov. One of the generals (possibly Battisti Emilio - the commander of the Cuneense division) writes an appeal to the division's soldiers with the order to surrender to the units.
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the great patriotic war
, the second world war
, foreign countries: italy
, awards
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T. Bunimovich, G. Mogilevsky, Belyakov
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