Come to Pyatigorsk

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Summer, view of the city of Pyatigorsk at the foot of Mount Mashuk. Monument to M.Yu. Lermontov. A regular bus from Nalchik "Ikarus" travels along the road. Stele "PYATIGORSK. 1780. " by the road. Panorama of the city (filmed from a high point). Department store building. Building of the House of Soviets. Streets in the city center. Flower beds. A fountain with a lagoon-type pool. Monument to M.Yu. Lermontov in Lermontov Square. Engravings with views of the city from the beginning. XIX century. The Lermontov House Museum is the house where the poet spent the last years of his life. Interiors. - desk, portrait of M.Yu. Lermontov. Diana's grotto - external and internal views. Gazebo Eolova harp is a visiting card of Pyatigorsk. Monument at the site of the duel of M.Yu. Lermontov. Types of Mashuk. Mineral spring №2, in the foreground - artistically decorated flower beds. Vacationers walk by the springs. Women from Turkmenistan with a child go to the source. One of the women tells a journalist about herself. A zootechnician from Turkmenistan, a man from Kazakhstan, a doctor-therapist from Yaroslavl talk about their vacation in Pyatigorsk. Panorama of the building of the sanatorium "Iskra", of the flower beds. Vacationers. The bus leaves the sanatorium. Plate "PYATIGORSK RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF RESORTOLOGY AND PHYSIOTHERAPY". Doctors conduct research on patients at the institute. Doctors, patients in the corridors of the institute. Physical therapy in the pool. Mosaic on the wall on one of the floors of the institute, palm trees in the corridor, are resting. Women drink water from the spring. Excursion kiosk, registration for excursions. View of city streets from a passing car. Tourists on excursions in the mountains. Waterfall in the mountains. Tourists sail on a motor boat on the lake. View of Pyatigorsk from Goryachaya Mountain. Park "Flower Garden". The boat is sailing on the lake. A man is riding a jet ski on the lake. Athletes gallop on horses, spectators in the stands applauded. Vacationers climb the mountain by funicular. View of the mountains from the cable car. The groom and the bride in the cable car. Restaurant, the chef prepares the lamb on a spit, the waitress comes with a tray. Visitors sit at a restaurant table, they are served by a waitress. The kebab is fried on the grill. The tour guide conducts a tour in German. Tourists from the GDR and France talk about Pyatigorsk. - Mount Mashuk.
A. Chubarov
Film ID
road transport
, cultural connections
, state trade
, horseback riding
, fiction
, painting
, localstate
, spa assistance
, museums
, tourism
, landscapes
, graphics
, gardens and parks
, culture and recreation
, authorities and institutions
, functions
, improvement of settlements
, peoples life
, public catering
, cities
, medicine
, sculpture
Number of Parts
M. Barbutly
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Has Sound

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