Commissars Treasure

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The film tells the story of the discovery of photo negatives in the city of Orenburg, reflecting the period of the civil war and the first years of Soviet power. Orenburg. One of the halls of the Orenburg Museum of Local Lore. Storage of museum exhibits in the attic. A box with photographic plates. The man is looking through the negatives on the glass. Photos printed from the found negatives. A photograph of the first director of the local history museum, Alexander Yakovlevich Zakurdaev. The youth search group of the mechanical technical school is working on deciphering the found negatives: they print the negatives in the darkroom; looking through photos. Participants of the civil war in the Orenburg region Fatykh Sultanovich Sultanov, Victoria Ignatievna I. Shenina with the museum staff are engaged in attribution of photographs. Photographs of the organizers of the revolutionary movement in the Urals, brothers Alexander and Georgy Korostylev, Chief of Staff of the Red Guard A. Levashov, Chairman of the Military Revolutionary Committee S. Zwilling, Extraordinary Commissioner for Combating Dutovism P. Kobozev and others. Demonstration on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the October Revolution. One of the veterans of the Civil War carries the honorary revolutionary banner of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee, which was awarded to workers in Orenburg in 1920 for massive heroism and military deeds displayed in the defense of the city. Monument to V.I. Lenin in Lenin Square in Orenburg. Monument to the victims of the White Cossack raid on Orenburg on April 4, 1918 (sculptor A.I. Kozyrev). The sign "Europe-Asia" in the Orenburg region. Newsreel footage: railway workers at a subbotnik (1919); opening of the monument to V.I. Lenin (sculptor V.V.Kozlov, architect I.V. Ryangin) in the city of Orenburg (1925), explosions on the battlefield, galloping cavalry (1919).
V. Plotnikova
Film ID
, sculpture
, holidays
, museums
Number of Parts
K. Urbanovich
Other Creators
editor P. Vishnev, director of the painting A. Nazaruk
Release Date
Has Sound

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