Complex Development of Villages of the RSFSR

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The film tells about the revival of small villages in Russia, complex design and development of central estates. Rural landscape, a view of abandoned villages, one of the livestock farms, the movement of a passenger bus, a view of the village of Bolshoye Teleshovo, the central estate of the Rassvet state farm, children in the state farm kindergarten, reception of the population in a paramedic station, the work of a rural House of Life, views of the village of Kashino near Moscow, the house-museum of V.I. Lenin, a rural shopping center, a kindergarten, the village of Zhilino in the Oryol region, a first-aid post, a school, the construction of residential buildings in the village of Bolshie Borki in the Kalinin region, social and cultural facilities, a general view of the central estate in the Mir state farm, views of the village of Verkhnyaya Troitsa, the house-museum of MI Kalinin, a new village, an interview with the director of the Mir state farm, a view of the central estate of the 10th five-year plan in the Kalinin region, a state farm village, a House of Culture, a sports complex, a House of Life.
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medical services for the population
, rural settlements
, state agricultural enterprises
, school education
, architecture
, automobile transport
, livestock
, club type institutions
, domestic service
, preschool education
, trade
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