Composer Tikhon Khrennikov

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Tikhon Khrennikov at the piano during a rehearsal of a concert for piano and orchestra, rehearsing with T. Shmyga (synchronously), G. Pisarenko (synchronously), works with students of the Moscow Conservatory (synchronously), presents awards to the winners of the Third International Tchaikovsky Competition. O. Rat, Yoko Sato (Japan); at the piano while composing a piece. Photos of T. Khrennikov from different years. The Symphony Orchestra performs T. Khrennikov's First Symphony, conducts K. Kondrashin. T. Khrennikov performs a waltz of his own composition (chronicle). T. Shmyga, G. Pisarenko perform the works of T. Khrennikov from the feature film "Hussar Ballad" (synchronously). Fragment of the Vakhtangov theater performance "Much Ado About Nothing" (music by T. Khrennikov). Singing E. Kibkalo, K. Lisovsky, G. Dudarov (synchronously). Actress N. Isakova sings the song "Farewell" (music by T. Khrennikov). Moscow city. The building of the Vakhtangov theater. The audience enters the theater. Kremlin. Alexander Garden. The building of the Lenin Library. The building of the Bolshoi Theater. Sculpture "Worker and Collective Farm Woman" by V. Mukhina. Moscow Conservatory. The sky is covered with clouds, covering the sun. The city of Yelets. House where T. Khrennikov was born. Music school building. Museum of local lore. Museum exposition dedicated to T. Khrennikov. Lacemaker at work. Chronicle footage of the Second World War.
M. Kaufman
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cultural connections
, museums
, theatre
, decorative and applied art
, professional education
, cities
, sculpture
, music
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M. Kaufman, V. Altshuler
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Has Sound

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