Comrade General

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The film tells about the Soviet military leader, army general, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Mongolian People's Republic, Issa Aleksandrovich Pliev (1903 - 1979). First part. G. Rostov-on-Don, traffic on the streets, pedestrians at the crossing, traffic lights. New areas of the city, residential buildings. One-story wooden house of I.A. Pliev, furnishings, a panorama of the bookshelves, paintings, photographs on the walls. A graphic portrait of the general on the wall in the room. Study, photo albums on the table. Photos by I.A.Pliyev of different years. IAPliyev walks along the path to his house, sits at his desk in his office, recalls the Great Patriotic War, talks about the capture of it by a horse-mechanic group of Novy Bug (Mykolaiv region, Ukraine) in the deep rear of the Germans. Cadets of one of the military schools take the oath, I.A. Pliev presents them with diplomas. Types of the Kuban River. C / t: 1941-43, the Great Patriotic War 1st Belorussian Front, Soviet cavalrymen riding through the winter forest, a detachment on vacation in the forest; the commander of the cavalry division, General I.A. Pliev and his soldiers on horseback near the village; cavalry gallops across the field to attack; Moscow suburbs, residents of one of the liberated villages greet the cavalrymen I.A. Pliev; b / m shooting, General R.Ya. Malinovsky with officers studying the map of military operations in the office; Soviet tanks attack; shooting Katyushas; Soviet cavalrymen go on the attack; German soldiers in the trenches; smashed German equipment on the streets of a settlement liberated from the German invaders; the field after the battle, broken vehicles, killed; advancement of cavalry units along the roads behind enemy lines; crossing the river on a pontoon bridge, ice floes are floating, General I.A. Pliev on horseback watching the crossing. The second part of. IA Pliev tells about the battles for Odessa in 1944, in which his cavalry-mechanized group took part in the decisive breakthrough. MLTK - a map of the fighting for the liberation of Odessa. C / t: spring-summer 1944, b / m shooting, cavalry galloping into the attack; soldiers go on the attack; Soviet soldiers are running along the seashore near Odessa, a submachine gunner shoots from a shelter in the mountains; view of the sea coast after the battle; April 10, 1944, Soviet soldiers-liberators walk the streets of Odessa, they are met by residents; the soldiers are talking to the residents of Odessa on the street, everyone is smiling; cavalrymen are going down the street of Odessa, in the background - a church; a military train goes along the street; an echelon with tanks travels along the railway; a detachment of cavalrymen gallops along a forest road; the Katyushas are going along the road, the infantry is walking; Belarus, June 1944, fragments of Operation Bagration; Chief of the General Staff Marshal of the Soviet Union A.M. Vasilevsky with officers walking along the road; the commander of the 1st Ukrainian Front, Marshal of the Soviet Union G.K. Zhukov and General of the Army K.K. Rokossovsky are walking along a mountain road; cannons are shooting, tanks are going; units of the 1st Belorussian Front are crossing the river; soldiers of the cavalry-mechanized group of General Pliev cross the river; units of the Red Army are walking along the road; fighters on vacation; a soldier shaves I.A.Pliyev during a stop; I.A.Pliev smokes; General Pliev on the front line; German planes are flying, dropping bombs, explosions; firing Soviet artillery I.A.Pliyev talks about how the mechanized cavalry group of the 44th Guards Cavalry Corps under his command as part of the 1st Belorussian Front took part in the Minsk operation and the liberation of Western Belarus (sinhr.). Types of the Caucasus Mountains. General Pliev is met by fellow villagers in the village of Stary Batakoyurt (North Ossetia). The village elders go out to meet the general. IAPliyev talks about how the Germans smashed the hut in which he was not far from Bratislava, about his injury, concussion, about the celebration of Victory Day in the Kremlin, about his service in Mongolia (sinhr.). - awards on his jacket. General Pliev - inspector of the armed forces of the USSR writes at his desk in his office. C / t: 1945, Manchurian operation, a detachment of Soviet cavalry rides along the road in Mongolia; IA Pliev and Marshal of the Mongolian People's Republic Choibalsan among the officers of the Soviet-Mongolian group of forces in the mountains of Mongolia; camels pulling wagons with weapons across the desert; Soviet-Mongolian units are advancing across the desert, along the Great Khingan; tanks are driving across the plain, planes are flying over them; Japanese prisoners are standing with their hands up; meeting of Soviet cavalry on the street of one of the Mongolian cities.
A. Chubarov
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the second world war
, urban transport
, armed forces
, rural settlements
, landscapes
, cities
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V. Dzobaev
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