Comrade Man

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A film about the role of men in the family, at school, in the upbringing of the younger generation. Children play in the sandbox. The boy answers the journalist's question how, in his opinion, the girl should be treated. Schoolchildren in class, at recess. The director of the school speaks at a parent meeting and talks about the important role of the father in raising children, about the need to educate children for independence. Mothers and grandmothers button up buttons for children, carry briefcases for them. Another story tells about a Ukrainian family, where two brothers take care of their little sister, help their father cut firewood, dig a garden, pick apples, set the table. Young people molest a girl. Tourists on a hike, put up tents, prepare lunch. The leader of the campaign, A. A. Ostapets, speaks about the help of the guys to the girls in the campaign - they help to carry heavy things, help with the crossings. Girls and boys tell journalists how they imagine their future husbands and wives. A man talks about his disrespectful attitude towards his wife while playing dominoes with friends on the street. A man with a baby carriage at a beer stand, giving beer to a child. Visitors at the hospital. The woman shows her baby to her husband. The father carries the stroller with the child, carries the child in his arms.
A. Mikrikov
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, leisure
, school education
, health care
, tourism
, preschool education
, trade
, a family
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V. Nikonov
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