Comrade Petty Officer

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The film tells about the senior warrant officer of the 2nd tank company B.M. Artamonov, about the daily life of the company. First part. Winter, the car drives along the road in the forest. People's Artist of the USSR IO Gorbachev in the car. Arrival of relatives to the soldiers in the second tank company of one of the army units. - the face of an elderly woman. - the faces of the soldiers. The girl is talking to the soldier. IO Gorbachev talks with his son, a soldier. IO Gorbachev talks about the changes that happened to his son during his service in the army (sinhr.). Senior Warrant Officer B.M. Artamonov is present at a meeting of relatives with soldiers. Entrance to the barracks of the 2nd tank company. Soldiers in the ironing room, playing chess in the recreation room, answering the director's questions (sinhr.). Weapon storage room. The soldiers are cleaning up the barracks. The commander teaches the soldiers to wash the floor. The barber cuts the soldier's hair. "Kiosk without a seller" with essential goods. A soldier feeds fish in an aquarium, a panorama of aquariums. A panorama of the made beds in the barracks. The soldiers talk about their foreman (off-screen). Soldiers set up stools in the barracks, receive uniforms, sew on shoulder straps. BM Artamonov talks about the rules of service (sinhr.) BM Artamonov teaches soldiers to dress correctly and quickly. The soldiers talk about their mentor, ensign B.M. Artamonov (sinhr., Behind the scenes). The checkpoint of the unit, the company officer on duty reports the situation to the ensign (sync.). The second part of. The soldiers are sleeping in the barracks. A gym, a soldier at the sports equipment control board, a warrant officer with soldiers during sports activities. Soldiers perform exercises in the street. Climb. A drill. The soldiers gather on alert. Soldiers on skis run through the forest. A tent in the forest, cups of tea on the table in the tent, the chimney of the stove is smoking. The company is marching along the road to the units, in front is the drummer, the ensign is watching the step. Soldiers fill out questionnaires in the classroom. BM Artamonov at his desk in his apartment examines photographs of soldiers. Soldiers in formation.
Y. Torgaev
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situation of various populations
, fight a healthy lifestyle
, ground troops
, theatre
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Y. Nikolaev
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