Conquered Hectare

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The film tells about reclamation work in the Meshchera lowland. Spring, 1976, Ryazan region, Meschera. Men walk in wading boots along a swampy river overgrown with reeds. A group of men stands on the street of the village. Boys on bicycles ride a tractor along the road. Horses with a foal graze by the river. River flood. The hare swims along the river. The deer digs the ground with its hooves, prying it with horns. Woodpecker on a tree. Trees are in the water. Beaver among the branches in his "hut". A group of people are standing by the plane. The plane prepares for flight, takes off. Interview with Doctor of Geographical Sciences Vasily Vasilyevich Kuznetsov (sync. And behind the scenes). Vasily Vasilyevich talks about land reclamation, about the problems of land reclamation in the Meshcherskaya lowland. VV Kuznetsov enters data on the state of the soil in a notebook. Interview with the 1st secretary of the Klepikovsky district party committee Nikolai Andreevich Baranov (sync. And behind the scenes), who talks about what land was in the area before the reclamation work. Technique: tractors, dump trucks go to the place of work. An excavator and other equipment are operating in the swampy area. Bulldozers destroy overgrown bushes, level the cleared area. A special technique cultivates the soil, digs canals. Soil scientists are doing research in the field. The equipment is at a break. The machine operators are arguing about something during a smoke break. Interview with the director of Ryazangidrokhodkhoz, Honored Meliorator of the RSFSR Ivan Ivanovich Dorofeev (sync. And for the frame.): Talks about the responsibility of the reclamation workers for the drainage of the Meshchera Territory. Interview with the candidate of technical sciences Rem Ivanovich Volkov (sync. And behind the scenes): talks about the fact that drainage of swamps and other reclamation measures will not adversely affect the nature and environment of the Meshchera region. N.A. Baranov drives around the district in a car, tells (sync. And per frame.) That land reclamation returns additional land areas, which allows you to get much more products from each hectare. Harvesting wheat in one of the farms in the Klepikovsky district. Watering fields at the Makeevsky state farm. Interview with Anatoly Fedorovich Kamolov, a link state farm "Makeevsky" (sync. And for the frame.): He talks about the fact that additional hectares gave the farm a lot. Harvesting green mass of forage on the farm. The technique is working in the field. Construction of one of the buildings on the farm. Construction of a road in the state farm "Makeevsky": asphalt pavers are working. General view of the fields in the Meshchersky region, reclaimed from the lowlands. Landscapes Meshchera: meadows, trees, hedgehog in the grass, wild boar, river, deer in the forest. View of residential buildings under construction in one of the farms of the Meshchersky region. The movement of the car on the highway. Deer sign (image) by the road.
М. Serkov
Film ID
rural settlements
, kpss
, state agricultural enterprises
, automobile transport
, building
, everyday life
, landscapes
, reclamation
, air transport
, plant growing
, zoology
Number of Parts
N. Shumkova, N. Nazarov. I. Saransky
Other Creators
sound engineer V. Shubin, editor A. Solonitsyn
Release Date
Has Sound

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