Consecration of the Fedorov Cathedral Fedorov Mother of God

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Russia, Tsarskoe Selo - Fedorovsky Cathedral, monks are passing by. Soldiers of the Consolidated Regiment are passing by the cathedral, carrying banners, icons. Participants in the consecration ceremony of the temple. Great book Maria Pavlovna at the entrance to the temple with a group of people, gets into the car. Emperor Nicholas II, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna with daughters Olga, Tatiana and Maria, V.A. Dedyulin, V.B. Fredericks and others. Nicholas II talks with representatives of various deputations present at the ceremony. One of the representatives presents the icon to Nicholas II. Alexandra Fedorovna with her daughters goes to the crew. Participants of the ceremony see off the carriage in which the Emperor Nicholas II with the Empress and one of the daughters and other carriages are passing by. The audience stands at the cathedral. Honor guard at the Fedorov Cathedral. Religious procession around the temple. The clergy, Nicholas II with his family, E.A. Naryshkina, Grand Duke Maria Pavlovna, Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich, Prince P.A. Oldenburgsky, V.B. Fredericks, V.A. Dedyulin and others. Nicholas II and Alexandra Fedorovna stand with a group of courtiers on the steps of the cathedral. The clergy, Nicholas II with family members, Grand Duke Maria Pavlovna and others enter the cathedral.
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royal family
, christianity
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A.K. Yagelsky
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