Construction in England and France

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A film about a visit by a group of specialists in the construction of the USSR to the 26th Construction Exhibition in London, construction and enterprises of Great Britain and France in November-December 1956. City of London. Streets, buildings. The movement of road and city transport, pedestrians. Exhibition building "Olympia". Pavilions and individual exhibits of the construction exhibition. Visitors visiting the exhibition. Representatives of firms demonstrate the action of the exhibits to visitors. Pavilions of firms: "Marley", "Muroplast", "Karda", "Sachs", "Kennedy", "Secomastic", "Tonado", "Yudol", "Piessey", "Crowe", "Munz". Construction of multi-storey residential buildings in London. Residential and industrial buildings in different parts of the city. View of the city of Harlow. Housewives are shopping at the Mall. Children play outside. Extraction of sand in the Eastwood quarry. Precast concrete plant in Newmans. Plant for the production of pressed panels. Construction of a dental equipment plant near London. Shipyard in Lowstov. Construction of a multi-storey warehouse in Edinburgh. Building and administrative and warehouse premises of the London airport. Hangars. Aerodrome. Aircraft at the airfield, in the air. Embankment construction in London. France. Paris. Construction of residential buildings. Buildings and territory of the Renault plant. View of the city of Paris from the plane. Reinforced concrete products plant of the "Kamo" company. Extraction of sand in the quarry.
S. Semenov
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economic communications
, urban transport
, trade
, shipbuilding
, building materials industry
, cities
, air transport
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S. Semenov
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