Consumer Goods of the Microbiological Industry

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The film tells about the enterprises of the microbiological industry that produce consumer goods, and about research institutes that develop technologies for their production. Russia. Microbiological industry enterprises. Production process for the production of feed protein. Fermentation and storage of wine in a winery. Germination of barley grains (macro photography). Beer bottles move on a conveyor belt. Samples of bakery: loaves, loaves, rolls. Packages of feed yeast "Paprin" move on a conveyor in the workshop. The production process of manufacturing products with ginseng extract at a perfumery enterprise. Automated tube filling line with cream. Boxes with bio cream "Forest Nymph" move on a conveyor. Samples of products using ginseng infusion. Production processes for the production of baker's yeast at the Volgograd Biochemical Plant. Packages of bakery pressed yeast on a conveyor. Production of the Palaks beverage. Employees of the laboratory at work on a batch of a preparation for perfumery production using infusion of Rhodiola rosea. The production process of making lingobriquettes in the workshop of the Krasnodar Chemical Plant. Researchers at the All-Russian Research Institute of Genetics in the laboratory are developing a technology for the production of amino acids and sodium glutamate for food purposes. The hairdresser cuts a woman's hair in the barbershop. Samples of biofertilizers and biological plant protection products in small packaging. Girls and a boy are eating at a table in a cafe. Dishes with meat, vegetables on the table. Researchers in the laboratory of technical mycology at VNIISintezprotek are developing a technology for growing the fungal mycelium enzyme. Samples of their mushroom products. Scientists of the enzymatic department of the Research Institute of Biotechnics in the laboratory are working on organizing the release of food enzyme in small packaging. A group of researchers working on the use of enzyme preparations in the feeding of farm animals and poultry in an industrial environment. Samples of enzymes for use in personal subsidiary plots. Cows at the trough on the farm. Chickens at the feeder. Ducklings on the territory of the poultry house. Estonia. Production processes at a household chemicals plant. BIO EST washing powder packages move on a conveyor belt. Automated line for filling tubes with FLORA BIO cream at a perfumery enterprise. Customers in the store take BIO EST washing powders from the shelves. Samples of dietary food at the stand among consumer goods. Belarus. Protein and vitamin concentrates at the finished product warehouse of the Novopolotsk plant BVK named after 60th anniversary of the USSR. General view of the plant. Zaporozhye hydrolysis plant. Corrosion control products in the warehouse.
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perfumery and cosmetic industry
, food industry
, livestock
, genetics
, trade
, household chemicals industry
, biology
, consumer services
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Other Creators
A. Saffron, I. Makhova, S. Makarova, M. Badrian, V. Kreminsky
Release Date
Has Sound

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