Contemporary №13-14

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A special issue of the film "Contemporary No. 13-14" tells about the rally against uncontested elections, which took place in the city of Kuibyshev. In the I part the following filming was used: City of Kuibyshev, February 25, 1990. A rally against uncontested elections near the building of the regional committee. View of a sign on one of the buildings: "Orbit" (removed from motion). Snow sculptures depicting fairy-tale characters in the city square. The candidate for People's Deputies of the USSR V.I. Zhdanov in his office speaks of full regional cost accounting as the primary task of his election program (sinhr.). People's Deputy of the USSR Igor Viktorovich Sorokin at the rally calls for voting for independent deputies, speaks of the unfounded accusation of the investigators of the Prosecutor's Office Gdlyan and Ivanov of illegal methods of work in the investigation of a corruption case in Uzbekistan (sinhr., Behind the scenes). Candidate for People's Deputies of the USSR T.V. Oskolova receives visitors; talks about the primary tasks of his election program: improving housing conditions and employment of disabled people, full and timely provision of medical assistance to them (sync.). In the second part, the following filming was used: City of Kuibyshev, February 25, 1990. View of posters and banners at the rally against uncontested elections: "Long live the democratic revolution!", "Long live the 72nd anniversary of the movement to nowhere under the leadership of the CPSU", "Protect perestroika from its initiators", "The strength of the CPSU lies in the ignorance of the people!"
Film ID
, rallies
527,3 м
Number of Parts
V.Aboimov, V.Fedotov, Yu.Pivsaev, A.Nazarov
Other Creators
Author of the text - B. Svoisky, speaker - B. Svoisky, sound engineer - V. Shubin, editor - O. Robinova
Release Date
Has Sound

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