Contemporary No 1-2

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The plot of the newsreel tells about a shoe factory in Togliatti, built under a contract with the Italian company "Koncherie Kogolo". Part 1. Interview of the representative of the Leningrad shoe association "Skorokhod" Leonid Maksovich Gozman (sinhr.) Togliatti, July 1, 1987. Inauguration of a shoe factory in the presence of representatives of the Italian business and public circles. General view of the factory building. Presentation of the symbolic key by the president of the Italian company, Mr. Kogolo, and the director of the factory, Nikolai Vasilyevich Kladko. Representatives of the city administration, heads of the enterprise, Italian guests pass through the workshops of the factory, observe the work of the Italian equipment installed in the workshops. Interview N.V. Kladko (sync.). Factory experts are discussing models of women's shoes. Meeting of heads of production departments of the factory. Clothing market in Togliatti. People buy and sell shoes, part 2: Workers in a shoe factory unpack bales of leather. OTK employees check the quality of the leather, reject part of the leather. The head of the procurement department, Vladimir Mikhailovich Dzhus, stands at the table with a roll of leather, expressing critical comments on the quality of the goods (sinhr.). The chief accountant of the factory, Lyudmila Sergeevna Karamysheva, asks the question: who is to blame? Factory director Nikolai Vasilyevich Kladko talks about the difficult situation at the factory (sinhr.). The representative of the Leningrad association "Skorokhod" Leonid Maksovich Gozman speaks about the problems of the Togliatti shoe factory (sinhr.), Including the training of specialists. Production processes in the workshops of the factory. General view of the shoe department in one of the Togliatti department stores. Buyers in the sales area. People try on shoes, pay for purchases at the box office of the shoe department, answer the correspondent's questions (sync.).
G. Timofeeva
Film ID
economic communications
, italy
, private trade
, cities
, trade
, light industry
Number of Parts
Yu. Pivsaev
Other Creators
L. Rudyakova, I. Nifonova, N. Popechitelev, O. Robinova
Release Date
Has Sound

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