Contemporary No 27-28

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The plot of the newsreel is dedicated to the legendary Russian pilot P.N. Nesterov. The plot uses the following filming: 1 part Boys on the field with gliders, one of the boys launches a glider. Aeroclub cadets at the airfield. Yak-52 aircraft take off into the sky, perform aerobatics, etc. famous Nesterov loop. Landing of aircraft, cadets with the help of special devices check the correctness of the landing of the pilots. Cadets in the ranks. PN Nesterov's daughter, Margarita Petrovna Nesterova, walks along the street of the city of Gorky, sits on a bench, goes to the cemetery where her father is buried. General view of the grave of P.N. Nesterov at the city cemetery. MP Nesterova at home. The interior of a room in Nesterova's apartment. MP Nesterova talks about her father, about her life (sync. And for the frame.) General view of the house on one of the streets of Gorky, where PN Nesterov lived, and where his daughter - Margarita Petrovna Nesterova organized a museum my father. Among the exhibits of the museum are personal belongings of P.N. Nesterov. Visitors visiting the exposition of the museum. Part 2. Margarita Petrovna Nesterova at home, walking with the children down the street, tells the director A. Budnikov, who interviews her, about her father (sinhr.). Margarita Petrovna Nesterova at the cemetery at the grave of her father. The Yak-52 aircraft is taking off, flying in the sky, performing Nesterov's loop. Family photographs of M.P. Nesterova were used in the plot of the newsreel.
A. Budnikov
Film ID
urban utilities
, everyday life
, museums
, dosaaf
, cities
, air transport
Number of Parts
A. Nazarov, A. Budnikov
Other Creators
O. Robinova, I. Nifonova, A. Vinogradov, B. Kozhin
Release Date
Has Sound

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