Contemporary No 29-30

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The plot of the newsreel tells about the XIV festival of author's songs in memory of Valery Grushin ("Grushinsky festival"). In the only element of the set - lavender (double positive), there is no optical soundtrack - the filming is silent. 1 part. Zhiguli, 1987. A live stream of people is moving to the place of the festival, putting up tents; general view of the tent camp. Participants of the festival, who came from different parts of the Soviet Union, give interviews: they say that they were brought to the festival by their love for amateur songwriters (sync. And for the frame.). Everyday life of the residents of the tent city: they put up tents, rest, cook at the stake. Festival opening, flag raising. Residents of Samara walk along the city streets in rainy weather. Part 2. Festival participants talk, sing. Among those present is the famous singer-songwriter Oleg Mityaev. Panorama of the tent camp. Festival participants give interviews, talk about how they like to come to the festival. Landscapes of the river. Residents of Samara are on the streets of the city, passing vehicles.
L. Sadkova
Film ID
, artistic activities
, relaxation
Number of Parts
L. Sadkova
Other Creators
O. Robinova, V. Shubin, A. Vinogradov, B. Svoisky
Release Date
Has Sound

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