Contemporary No 35-36

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In the movie "Contemporary No. 35-36" tells about the writer Artem Vesel. In the I part the following filming was used: City of Samara, 1990. View of a steamer on the Volga. A young man in a vest sits in a boat near the shore. An elderly woman sweeps fallen leaves in a city park. Citizens are queuing at one of the markets. View of boxes with grapes. An elderly man sells paint brushes on a city street. View of the post office building made of red brick. The Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Polish Church) on Frunze Street, built in 1906 according to the project of F.O. Bogdanovich - Dvorzhetsky. Type of passing cars "Volga", "Zhiguli", "Chaika". In the second part the following filming was used: City of Samara, 1990. View of photographs and certificates from the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR dated March 14, 1956 about the rehabilitation of the writer Artyom Vesely in the Samara Literary Memorial Museum. Gorky. A woman with five loaves of bread in her hands is walking along one of the streets of the city. People walk under umbrellas in the dark. View of the poster on one of the buildings with the NDP: "Riot in Space". Moscow city, 1990. The philologist, daughter of Artyom Vesely, Zayar Veselaya, talks about the arrest and execution of his father in 1938 as a member of an anti-Soviet terrorist organization, about his rehabilitation; about his stay in the camp, about the arrest of his mother and sister (sinhr.); leafs through the books of A. Vesely: "Walk, Volga", "Russia, Washed in Blood", "My Best Pages", "Fiery Rivers". A view of the furnishings of Zayara Veselya's room: an Alpha TV set on a curbstone, a floor lamp with a lampshade, a desk, books on the table.
ABOUT. Robinova
Film ID
, repression
, architecture
, catholicism
, religion
, literature
, cities
, trade
, bytgorodskogo population
Number of Parts
Yu. Pivsaev
Other Creators
Author - B. Svoyskiy, editor - B. Kozhin, sound engineer - V. Popov
Release Date
Has Sound

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