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The movie "Sovremennik No. 38-39" tells about the Russian statesman and public figure, an honorary citizen of the cities of Vyatka, Samara, Sofia - Petr Vladimirovich Alabin. In the I part the following films were used: Sofia, Bulgaria, 1989. View of high-rise buildings, cars, a passing tram. The painter, icon painter, restorer Mikhail Mironovich Maletsky is walking with his wife along the city street. The man is leading the bear down the street. Kuibyshev city, 1989. View of the wall of the dilapidated Iversky convent, formed in 1860 by the decree of the Holy Synod on the transformation of the community of sisters of mercy into a convent named after the icon of the Iveron Mother of God. In 1925 the monastery was closed. Some of the buildings were destroyed, some were given over to various organizations. The revival of the monastery began in 1991. Rector of Kuibyshev State University Lenar Vasilyevich Khramkov on the territory of the Iversky Monastery tells about the undeservedly forgotten chronicler, historian, archaeologist, honorary citizen of the city of Samara - Petr Vladimirovich Alabin (sinhr.). In the second part, the following films were used: Sofia, Bulgaria, 1989. View of the building of the Cyril and Methodius National Library on Vasil Levski Boulevard. View of the store building with signs: “Knitwear. Perfumery. Bijouterie "," Bread ". The girl is riding on a swing in the yard of the house. The painter M.M. Maletsky in Bulgarian talks about the creation of five copies of the icons of the Samara Banner, including for the city of Kuibyshev (sinhr., Translation). A plaque on the wall of a house on Alabin street. View of the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky, built in the period 1882-1912, in honor of the liberation of Bulgaria. The cathedral is a basilica with stained glass windows, mosaics in the Byzantine style. The total area of the cathedral is 86 sq. M. The height of the main dome is 45 m. There are 12 bells on the bell tower. The author of the project is a Russian architect - Alexander Pomerantsev. View of the building of the National Library named after Cyril and Methodius, created in 1878, on Vasil Levski Boulevard. Monument to Cyril and Methodius in front of the building of the National Library, erected for the 1100th anniversary of the creation of Slavic writing. View of the monument to the national hero of Bulgaria - Vasil Levski. The monument is a 13 m high granite column erected at the intersection of Vasil Levski Boulevard and Moskovskaya Street in Sofia (at the place of the hero's execution). Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, 1989. View of the monument to the Samara Banner, erected in 1977. Shipka town, Bulgaria, 1989. View of the Freedom Monument (Temple-monument "Shipka"), erected in 1934, in memory of those who died for the liberation of Bulgaria during the defense of the Shipka Pass, in the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. The monument is located at the peak of "Stoletov" (the peak is named after one of the leaders of the Shipka defense, Major General N.G. Stoletov). The monument was opened in 1934 with donations from the Bulgarian people. The Freedom Monument is a 31.5 m high stone tower. The rector of the Temple, Encho Zhelyazkov, speaks in Bulgarian about the Freedom Monument in honor of the Russian soldiers who died for the liberation of Bulgaria from 400 years of slavery (sinhr., Translation). A young man drinks beer in one of the city's cafes. Kuibyshev city, 1989. Abandoned grave of P.V. Alabin (1824-1896) - Russian statesman and public figure, military man, writer, state councilor. Type of book editions written by P. Alabin. An article in the newspaper "Samarsky Vestnik" from 1896 about the death of Pyotr Vladimirovich Alabin. A building with a sign on the facade of the "District Military Department Store". View of the "Mini-Maxi" branded department store.
L. Sadkova
Film ID
, architecture
, trade
, religion
, printing
, cities
, education
, sculpture
, painting
, art
Number of Parts
L. Sadkova
Other Creators
Text writer V. Samarin, sound engineer V. Shubin, editor O. Robinova, speaker V. Tumanov
Release Date
Has Sound

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