Contemporary No 6-7

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A special issue of the film "Contemporary No. 6-7" tells about the problems of small villages and villages in the Penza region. Part I tells about the villages of the Penza region of Sumy, Mikhailovka, Illarionovka, Otrada. Sumy village, Penza region, 1989 View of the street, new houses and a passing Zhiguli car. The girl and the women are riding their bicycles. Construction of a road in the village: GAZ cars are pouring sand, a tractor is passing by, a bulldozer is working. Type of school for six-year-olds: brick one-story house with central heating. Type of grain storage under construction. Alexander Timofeevich Davydov, chairman of the Kirov Kolkhoz in Kolyshleysky District, talks about the extinction of villages, the failure to fulfill the grain plan, the lack of freedom of entrepreneurship, and the incompetence of higher organizations - Agroprom, Oblagroprom (sinhr.). The village of Mikhailovka, Penza region, 1989. Male tenants inspect the sheep in the fold of the sheepfold. View of the school building and children's shoes by the stove at the school. Teacher Zoya Anatolyevna Igoshina and N.V. Suraeva explain the material to three students in the class. Illarionovka village, Penza region, 1989. View of dilapidated houses. Women milk cows on summer farms in an abandoned village. Otrada village, Penza region, 1989. View of a blossoming apple orchard, abandoned houses and fallen fences. Part II tells about the village of Nadezhdino, Penza region. Sumy village, Penza region, 1989. Children bathe in a pond. A resident of the village, Ivan Fedorovich Ogulo, is heating the stove in the bathhouse, soaking a broom, drinking tea with his family at home. View of the room in the house of IF Ogulo: TV on the bedside table, map on the wall; type of the set table: samovar, cups, jam, cookies. The village of Nadezhdino, Penza region, 1989. View of the road bridge under construction. Brigadier Andrey Savvateevich Morozov supervises the work of the builders. An elderly woman and a girl are watering the beds from the watering can in the backyard.
V. Kosachevsky, V. Aboimov
Film ID
, standard of living
, school education
, building
, livestock
, settlements
, roads
, leisure facilities
, state agricultural enterprise
, improvement of settlements
Number of Parts
A. Zinoviev
Other Creators
Director V.K. Tumanov, editor O. Robinova
Release Date
Has Sound

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