Contemporary Number 11

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The newsreel tells about the work of the Kuibyshev Regional Statistical Office. The city of Kuibyshev. The machine room of the Kuibyshev Regional Statistical Office. Typists at work. The punched tape is moving. Computing machines in the hall. The brochure “Statistical Bulletin” is being printed. Russia. Seamstresses at work in the workshop of a garment factory. Woman baker at work. Penza region. Tractors cut snow shafts in the field during work on snow retention at the Nikulievsky state farm. The assembly line of watches in the workshop of the Serdobsk watch factory; samples of wall clocks made at the factory. Gorky Region. Combines are working on harvesting wheat. Students work harvesting potatoes. The city of Gorky. Testing a road train with a dump trailer on the track of the Gorky Automobile Plant in winter conditions. Orenburg. The artist is working on a design for the fabric. Photocopying of a drawing on a special machine; Transfer of a copy of the drawing from the film to a metal template, from which the drawing is printed onto the fabric on a printing press in the workshop of the Orenburg Silk Fabrics Combine.
A. Beltov
Film ID
garment industry
, accounting
, food industry
, textile industry
, statistics
, agriculture
, automotive industry
, plant growing
, watch industry
Number of Parts
K. Takhtarov, A. Mochalov, K. Urbanovich, A. Zinoviev, B. Volkov, A. Budnikov
Other Creators
Text writer A. Beltov, editor B. Kozhin, sound engineer V. Shubin, cartoonist E. Amosova, speaker A. Beltov
Release Date
Has Sound

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