Contemporary Number 15

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Newsreel tells about the stay of the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee M.S. Gorbachev in the years. Kuibyshev and Togliatti. Moscow city. Congress hall. The members of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR take their places in the presidium: General Secretary of the Central Committee M.S. Gorbachev, G.A. Aliev, V.I. Vorotnikov, A.A. Gromyko, D.A. Kunaev, E.G. Ligachev, N.I. Ryzhkov, E.A. Shevardnadze, V.V. Shcherbitsky. The city of Kuibyshev. Types of streets, embankments. Ice drift on the Volga river. Children play on the waterfront. A motorcade of cars on the streets of the city. General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee M.S. Gorbachev with the first secretary of the Kuibyshev regional committee of the CPSU E.F. Muravyov lays flowers at the monument to V.I. Lenin on Revolution Square, to the Monument of Glory, the Motherland Monument. The rally at the monument to Lenin. Kuibyshev garment factory "Krasnaya Zvezda". Factory seamstresses at work. General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Gorbachev and his entourage in the shop: talking with factory workers, getting acquainted with the products of the garment factory. MS Gorbachev at the car, saying goodbye to the factory workers. Kuibyshev plant of jig boring machines. Types of workshops where highly accurate numerically controlled machines are produced. Worker at the machine. General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee M.S. Gorbachev in the workshop at the machine, with workers discussing housing, working conditions and increasing responsibility. City of Togliatti. Streets of the city (removed from the passage). MS Gorbachev's meeting with representatives of the city workers at the Palace of Culture of the Synthezkauchuk Association. Volzhsky Automobile Plant. Workers of the plant are greeted with flowers by the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Gorbachev. MS Gorbachev and his entourage in the shop at the conveyor, talking with the workers of the plant. Factory workers talk about the impact of perestroika on labor productivity. VAZ cars being tested on the factory track.
B. Svoysky
Film ID
silk industry
, landscapes
, monuments
, rest for children
, cities
, automotive industry
, kpss
, bearing industry
, machine tool industry
Number of Parts
N. Shumkova, V. Fedotov, K. Stepanov
Other Creators
Sound engineer V. Shubin, music producer V. Shubin, announcer B. Ginzburg, animator A. Vinogradov, text G. Spevachevsky, editor L. Krasavina
Release Date
Has Sound

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