Contemporary Number 23

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C / w "Contemporary No. 23" is dedicated to women. Kuibyshev city, 1989. Type of paintings: "Madonna Diotallevi" (artist Raphael), dated 1504, "Madonna and Child" (artist Leonardo da Vinci), "Madonna and Child" (artist Michelangelo); “Portrait of MI Lopukhina”, “Portrait of EA Naryshkina” (artist Borovikovsky), “Girl braiding a braid” (artist AI Korzukhin), “Portrait of Princess Sheremeteva” (artist IA Argunov) , "Portrait of M. Volkonskaya" (artist KE Makovsky), "Portrait of NN Pushkina" (artist A. Bryullov). View of the Kazan Mother of God and the icon lamp in one of the Temples. Archbishop John of Kuibyshev (Ivan Matveyevich Snychev) speaks about the responsibilities of a woman in relation to her husband, children, about the positive influence of motherhood not only on a woman, but also on society and the state as a whole (sinhr., Behind the scenes). View of working women at a machine tool at a factory, at a furnace in a forge shop, installing water pipes in a trench. View of the room of one of the residents of Kuibyshev: a wardrobe, two sandwiches with butter, pills on the table; calendar, photograph of M. Gorbachev on the wall; the kind of cracks in the walls and a collapsed ceiling. View of one of the streets, passers-by and a dry cleaning building. Food products in the Ocean grocery store. Customers pay at the checkout. A girl lifts a barbell in a weightlifting gym in one of the city's sports clubs. Girls, participants of the beauty contest in Kuibyshev, are on the podium.
K. Stepanov, B. Svoisky
Film ID
, standard of living
, church
, sports
, christianity
, weightlifting
, retail goods turnover
, trade
, painting
Number of Parts
K. Stepanov
Other Creators
Editor -O. Robinova, author of the text B. Svoisky, sound engineer V. Shubin, speaker B. Svoisky
Release Date
Has Sound

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