Contemporary Number 32

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The newsreel tells about work in different sectors of the USSR national economy (grain harvesting, drilling, metal storage, horse breeding). Scene № 1 August 1983, summer, a truck with a poster “THERE IS 1 MILLION TONS!” Is driving down the street, workers with banners greet him. Women on the street handing flowers to the leader. An impromptu podium on the balcony of the administrative building, the leaders are standing in front of microphones, applauding. One of the leaders speaks in front of the microphone. The area in front of the elevator. The leader gets behind the wheel in the cab of the truck with a poster on the roof "THERE IS 1 MILLION TONS!" Elevator building. Combine harvesters climb into the cabins of the harvesters. Combine "Sibiryak" rides across the field, harvesting bread. Combine operators in the field wash themselves out of a bucket. Field camp, combiners have lunch. Harvest news board in the field. Three combine harvesters are driving across the field. Scene No. 2 The driver drives the bus along the field. Passengers - drillers in the cabin. Drilling works. The faces of the drillers. Scene 3 Trucks bring scrap metal to the base. The grapple lifts scrap metal off the ground. A man in the cockpit of the hydraulic manipulator. Transferring the pipe to the back of a truck. The man takes apart the scrap metal, selects suitable equipment from the heap. A truck with scrap metal drives through the base. A freight car rides on a railway track at a metal warehouse. Rolls of steel tape are piled up. The chassis of the Belarus tractor is set against the wall. New planetary gears of the rear axle (carpool # 1) are hanging on the wall. Territory of the metal warehouse. Scene 4 A herd of horses grazing in the meadow. The groom drives the herd of horses into the territory of the stud farm. Veterinarians are examining the horse, in the background - the members of the jury are sitting at the table. The commission evaluates the exterior of the horse. Horse - heavy truck transports bags of cargo.
B. Svoysky
Film ID
, livestock
, metallurgy
, agriculture
Number of Parts
A. Nazarov, N. Sharapov, L. Sadkova, B. Volkov, A. Mochalov
Other Creators
editor A. Nedoluzhko, text G. Shabanov
Release Date