Contemporary Number 38

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The newsreel consists of 6 plots: 1 plot. At the Tyulganskoye coal mine. The plot tells about the Tyulgansky coal mine - a new large brown coal deposit. A new bucket wheel excavator manufactured in the German Democratic Republic is in operation. - excavator operator. Installation of equipment on an excavator. Specialists from the GDR work at the open pit. Trolleys with coal are going. 2 plot. Harvesting beets. The plot tells about the harvesting of sugar beets in the fields of the "Volga" collective farm in the Tsilninsky district of the Ulyanovsk region. Harvesting beets in the fields - the combine "RKS-6" is working. Loading beets into a car body. The beets are moving along the conveyor in the field. KAMAZ trucks with beets are driving along the highway. Tsilninsky sugar factory, weighing machines with beets. A conveyor with beets in one of the workshops of the plant. 3 plot. Right-flank construction industry. The plot tells about the Bor silicate plant (Gorky region). Work in the shops of the plant. New modernized equipment. Manufacture of silicate bricks. A loader with bricks drives through the workshop. Loading bricks onto trucks in the yard of the factory. Cars with bricks drive along the road from the factory gates. 4 plot. Young architects. The plot tells about the lessons of the children in the circles of the teenage club "Builder" (Penza). City center views. Sura river embankment in the city center. NDP at Fountain Square. Citizens are resting at the fountains. Old houses in the city center. Young people are talking on the street. The building of the Penza Regional Art Gallery named after K.A. Savitsky. Children in the classroom in the club collect models of residential buildings. The girl is designing a building. The teacher is working with the guys. 5 plot. The hairdresser. The plot tells about the master-designer of the hairdressing salon of the House of Life "Horizon" (Kuibyshev) Vladimir Garus. General view of the hairdressing salon. V. Garus cuts a man's hair. Salon hairdressers cut clients' hair. V. Garus's awards received at international competitions in Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia. 6 plot. Folk craft. The plot tells about the forester of the Alekseevsky forestry enterprise (Kuibyshev region) Vladimir Ivanovich Ivanchenkov. Forestry workers weave flower baskets. VI Ivanchenkov talks with women weaving baskets. V.I. Ivanchenkov gets into a motorcycle, rides along the street of the village. A flock of sheep crosses the road. Young forest planted by V. I. Ivanchenkov and colleagues. The tractor is working on planting seedlings for the future forest. V.I. Ivanchenkov walks among the birches. V.I. Ivanchenkov's office, a typewriter on the table. The forester is sitting on the porch of his house, flowers are in the foreground.
V. Kosachevsky
Film ID
economic communications
, energy
, road transport
, out-of-school education
, bytsel population
, food industry
, livestock
, construction industry
, forestry
, landscapes
, handicraft industry
, cities
, plant growing
, peoples life
, consumer services
Number of Parts
K. Urbanovich, A. Zinoviev, B. Volkov, A. Mochalov, L. Sadkova, V. Fedotov
Other Creators
Author A. Nedoluzhko, editor O. Ivanova, sound engineer. V. Popov, announcer B. Ginzburg, animator E. Amosova
Release Date
Has Sound

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