Contemporary Number 44

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The newsreel includes plots: the 1st plot "Drug addicts" tells about the prevention of drug addiction in the Ulyanovsk region. Type of articles of one of the newspapers on the termination of oilseed poppy planting in the country; residents of Kuibyshev, Valentina Orlova and Nikolai Lesnykh, who are drug addicted, testify in the office of a police officer. Doctors examine a man intoxicated. The nurse prepares the IV. The patient is placed on a couch. The second plot "Special group of the traffic police" tells about the identification of drunk drivers in the Penza region. A traffic policeman on the highway stops the car, checks documents, talks to the driver; checking the driver on a breathalyzer by an ambulance doctor; view of KAMAZ vehicles in the engine yard of a motor transport enterprise; view of the operating room in one of the hospitals in the Penza region, view of a man with a broken leg in a hospital ward. The third plot "Firefighters" tells about the All-Union youth competitions in fire-applied sports, which took place in the city of Kuibyshev. View of the Zarya stadium in Kuibyshev. Young people participate in competitions in fire-applied sports: they overcome a hundred-meter obstacle course, climb an assault ladder, and participate in a fire relay.
G. Kornilina
Film ID
print edition
, addiction
, automobile transport
, sports
, militia
, hospital
, alcoholism
, plant growing
Number of Parts
B. Volkov, A. Zinoviev, K. Stepanov, A. Budnikov
Other Creators
editor B. Kozhin, editing by G. Kornilin
Release Date
Has Sound

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