Contemporary Number 48

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The special issue of the film tells about the most remarkable events that took place during the XI five-year plan in the city of Ulyanovsk. The plot uses newsreel footage: The city of Ulyanovsk .. View of the building with a portrait of Lenin. Meeting of the delegation from Czechoslovakia, headed by the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, President of Czechoslovakia Gustav Husak at the airport. The motorcade with the delegation in Volga cars, accompanied by motorcyclists, drives along the street. Ulyanovsk residents welcome guests from Czechoslovakia. View of the workshop of the Ulyanovsk plant of heavy and unique machine tools: a pipelayer and a welder making a semi-cargo for a gas pipeline. The city of Ulyanovsk. View of an aircraft taking off from the airfield. Opening of the Center for Joint Training of Civil Aviation Specialists of the CMEA Member Countries. The city of Ulyanovsk. View of the workshop of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. UAZ car on the conveyor. Worker in the workshop assembling a car. A team of workers under the leadership of foreman A.V.Ustimov in April 1985 completed its five-year task. Bricklayers of the construction and assembly trust No. 1 under the leadership of Nikolai Mikhailovich Korobov at the construction site of a multi-storey building. The opening of a monumental sculptural composition in honor of the feat of home front workers on the square of the 30th anniversary of Victory.
N. Kotov
Film ID
, automobile transport
, economy
, international connections
, building
, percussion
, planning
, higher state bodies
, automotive industry
, air transport
Number of Parts
B. Volkov
Other Creators
author N. Kotov, editor N. Bukhalov, sound engineer V. Popov
Release Date
Has Sound

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