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A special issue of the newsreel is devoted to the problems and challenges facing the team of teachers and students of the Kuibyshev Institute of Culture. The city of Kuibyshev. The building of the House-Museum of V.I. Lenin on Leninskaya street. The building of the Kuibyshev State Institute of Culture on Vilonovskaya Street. Vehicle traffic. Kuibyshev State Institute of Culture: students are preparing for exams; an exam-concert of the orchestra of folk instruments is being held; dance exam; graduation student performance. Library students in practice with schoolchildren in the reading room. Students leave the building of the Institute of Culture. On the building of the People's Democratic Party: "MINISTRY OF CULTURE of the RSFSR. KUIBYSHEV STATE INSTITUTE OF CULTURE. EDUCATIONAL BUILDING No. 1". THEM. Kuzmin - rector, professor of the Kuibyshev State Institute of Culture - speaks about the research work carried out by the institute and the tasks facing the graduates and teachers of the institute (sinhr.). Students of the Kuibyshev State Institute of Culture follow the guide and study the exhibits in the V.I. Lenin. G.V. Novikova - Doctor of Science, lecturer at the Kuibyshev State Institute of Culture - talks about the cultural and sports complex as a promising undertaking in the field of cultural and educational work; shares her impressions of the Olginsky sports and cultural complex of the Bezenchuksky district, where she participated in a meeting of the coordinating council (sinhr.). Kuibyshev region, Bezenchuksky district, Olgino village. Meeting of the Council for Cultural Sports Work in the Olginsky Sports and Cultural Complex. WWII veterans Meeting of war veterans in the club of the Olginsky sports and cultural complex: tea drinking at the samovar; instrumental ensemble performance. Veterans perform in front of fellow soldiers, playing musical instruments. Veterans and guests are applauding. New Year's celebration: a man plays the accordion, people in costumes of fairy-tale characters dance with the villagers on the street; a man dressed as Santa Claus wishes the villagers a Happy New Year; a troika of horses harnessed to a sleigh carries the performers through the streets of the village. Cartage transport. Three horses harnessed to a sleigh carry the artists from the New Year celebrations along the street of the village.
B. Svoysky
Film ID
, the second world war
, the great patriotic war
, state power
, museums
, state holidays
, professional education
, libraries
, cities
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V. Aboimov
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