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The film is dedicated to the teacher of a rural school, Hero of Socialist Labor, delegate of the XXVth Congress of the CPSU Olga Kirillovna Gutseva. Part 1 Stavropol Territory, Blagodarnensky District, the village of Sotnikovskoe. General view of the village. View of the buildings of the Palace of Culture and Secondary School No. 4. Plaque with the NDP: "MANAGEMENT BOARD OF THE KOLKHOZ" GIANT "". Kolkhoz chairman Viktor Tereshchenko in his office talks about future prospects in connection with the construction of the Great Stavropol Canal (sinhr.). Agricultural work. Pupils at their desks in a rural high school. A villager, teacher, Hero of Socialist Labor, delegate to the XXV Congress of the CPSU Olga Kirillovna Gutseva in the classroom talks about the excitement before speaking at the CPSU Congress, about issues of concern to teachers and the public (sinhr.). Newsreel footage: the city of Moscow, February 24-March 5, 1976. Olga Kirillovna Gutseva, a delegate to the XXV Congress of the CPSU, makes a speech at the congress, talks about ideological values, about a worthy replacement for the working class, the collective farm peasantry (behind the scenes, sync.). Part 2 Stavropol Territory, Blagodarnensky District, Sotnikovskoe village. A resident of the village, a participant in the Great Patriotic War, Alexei Gavrilovich Krylov, talks about working on the Gigant collective farm, how they, young guys, were sent to the war, about the first battles (sinhr., Behind the scenes). View of the memorial plaque with the NDP: "RESIDENTS OF THE SOTNIKOVSKY VILLAGE, DIED ON THE FRONTS OF THE GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR, 1941-1945." Field work on the farm. The ceremonial line at the secondary school №4. Nikolai Mikhailovich Rybas, surgeon, graduate of the school in 1965 (sinhr.), Addresses the graduates with congratulations and instructions. Newsreel footage: 1941-1945. View of burning grass in the field. February 24 - March 5, 1976, the city of Moscow: delegate of the XXV Congress of the CPSU Olga Kirillovna Gutseva makes a speech at the congress, talks about school as an ideological organization that cannot be outside of life, outside of politics, on education worthy replacement of the builders of communism (sync., behind the scenes).
Y. Mogilevtsev
Film ID
rural settlements
, social and political life
, agriculture
, education
, upbringing
Number of Parts
B. Fursov
Other Creators
scriptwriter A. Feoktistov, sound engineer A. Ovcharov
Release Date
Has Sound

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