Contrary to Fate

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The film tells about the amateur sports club "Luch" and its leader, a disabled person, bedridden, Gennady Shevelkov. Forest landscape. Road (removed from motion). The movement of a bus and trucks on the road. Kasimovsky district, Ryazan region. The village of Gus-Zhelezny. Church. Boat pier. Dawn. The sun is rising. The rooster is screaming (synchronously). Sports club "Luch". The young man blows the horn. The man plays the accordion. The girls are doing exercises. Girls dive into the water, swim. A flock of ducks swims on the water. The guy carries buckets, collects water from the barrel. The girl is watering the flowers. School square. Guys, members of the Luch sports club. Build a girls' volleyball team. Girls play volleyball. Boys are chopping wood, girls are stacking wood. Sign on the building: "Belkovsky House of Pioneers". Museum of the House of Pioneers. Museum exhibits. Crafts made of wood: carved chair, sled. Antique items: wicker bast shoes, coin, milkman, figurine. Football field. Football team training. The guys are carrying the iron bed with G. Shevelkov across the field - the church is in the background. The guys are at the bedside of Gennady Shevelkov. Football game. Fans watch the game of the sports team. The headquarters of the sports club "Luch". The girl reads a poem, the guys listen. Ryazan Komsomolets newspaper. Newspaper strip with the inscription: "The Luch Club and its history." Guys, members of the sports club "Luch" are taking G. Shevelkov on the bed along the road. Children accompany G. Shevelkov on bicycles. Girls volleyball team training. G. Shevelkov watching the game.
V. Skoropistsev
Film ID
, urban transport
, out-of-school education
, automobile transport
, pioneer organization
, sports
, christianity
, settlements
, periodic printing
, childrens organization
, employment
, landscapes
, musical self-activity
, decorative and applied art
, zoology
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