Controversy Film of the 4th Cycle Energy Strategy

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Part I. Difficult conditions for gas production in the USSR and an unbalanced price for the most valuable type of fuel. This topic is pondered by: Doctor of Economics Igor Semenovich Tyshlyar (Scientific Research Institute of Oil and Gas), Deputy Chairman of the USSR State Planning Committee (State Planning Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers) Artem Andreevich Troitsky and USSR Gas Industry Minister Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin. Valentina Yakovlevna Belyaeva, Misha Chaikin, Prokhorova are working at the final stage of the construction of the Urengoy-Uzhgorod gas pipeline. Part II. The management of the Orenburg gas complex would like to increase the volume of production, but local residents are against this. The first director of the complex, Vladimir Alexandrovich Shvets, the current director of the plant, Vladimir Ivanovich Vakulin, and the general director of PO Orenburggazprom, Boris Valentinovich Speransky, believe in deep gas processing and improved purification of atmospheric emissions. The first secretary of the Orenburg city committee of the CPSU, Yuri Dmitrievich Garankin, asks, first of all, to think about the person and his health. The city is collecting signatures against the commissioning of the 1st stage of the gas complex. Part III. Continuation of the conversation between the leaders of the gas industry V.I. Vakulin and B.V. Speransky with the leader of the communists Yu.D. Garankin. How, without stopping the work of the gas complex, not to harm the ecology of the Orenburg region. Construction of the Astrakhan gas condensate plant according to the French project. The chief engineer of the Astrakhangazprom association Vyacheslav Minkov believes that the ecological situation in the region depends not only on the plant. A lot is being done to protect the environment. But local residents fear for their lives. The chairman of the Seitovsky village council, on the territory of which construction is underway, Kharita Elemesova, shows personal protective equipment against poisoning for children from the first days of their lives. French engineer Marc Thoma shows a video and talks about how farmers in his homeland struggled with the fear of being close to a similar industrial giant. IY part. Residents of Astrakhan express their opinion about the ecological situation in the city. Anna Troitskaya, a new settler, is one of the few who thinks the situation is not critical. In the Federal Republic of Germany, Essen residents are developing a new economical gas stove. Y part. In the USSR, kilometers of gas pipelines are being built up. Celebration of welding of the last joint of the Urengoy-Uzhgorod pipeline. The work has been completed and V.Ya. Belyaeva regrets this. The development of the Yamal Peninsula has begun. Intensive construction has a bad effect on nature. Chairman of the Yamal District Council of People's Deputies Khotyako Meikovich Yezyngi and the foreman of reindeer herders Sergei Serotetto oppose the development of oil and gas fields. At this time in Germany, scientists are developing new technologies for gas processing, and ordinary Germans are learning to use it economically. Valery Mendeleevich Kazakov answers the question whether we can do without foreign assistance in gas processing. It stands on an empty construction site, where domestic machine builders have not brought equipment. YI part. The vigorous development of Yamal by gas workers came into conflict with the local way of life of the Nenets. The nature of the tundra has suffered greatly. At a meeting of the Yamal District Committee of People's Deputies, a decision was made to stop work on Yamal and Yamburg. Among those present: Chairman of the Yamal-Nenets District Executive Committee Lev Sergeevich Bayandin, Chairman of the Yamal District Council of People's Deputies Khotyako Meikovich Yezyngi, director of the Rossiya reindeer herding state farm Valentina Aleksandrovna Vakhnina and foreman of reindeer herders Sergei Serotetto.
I. Grigoriev
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O. Voinov, N. Grigoriev
Other Creators
Scriptwriters B. Volov, I. Grigoriev, text writer V. Kuznetsov, editor N. Simonenko, composer V. Kazenin, sound engineer I. Smirnov, editor of the chronicle M. Potolova, editor M. Drugova, editor G. Nikitina, music designer M Braslavskaya, artists M. Artamonov, M. Morozova, text read by A. Boltnev, painting director N. Budnikov.
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