Conversations of the Agronomist For Grass Crop Rotations

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The film uses the following filming: Part 1 Agronom tells about the grass-field farming system, which is based on field and forage grass-field crop rotations (German). General view of crops of alfalfa, timothy, cereals, clover, sunflower. Plowing and harrowing fields in one of the farms. A view of a flax specimen affected by the physisarium fungus. An agricultural scientist talks about plant diseases (German). Type of fungus spores (macro photography). Sowing cereals in one of the farms. General view of the cabbage (filmed from the top point) field. The agronomist in the field takes out the root of the plant and lowers it into a glass container. A type of cereals and legumes affected by pests. Pests eat plant leaves (macro photography). Seven-field crop rotation scheme. 2 part. The tractor plows the soil. Loading grain into seeder hoppers. Agronomist at the scheme of a seven-pole crop rotation. View of the Diagram of fodder and field crop rotation. General view of forage grasses in the field. The agronomist holds in his hand a forage grass with a branched root system. Harvesting forage grasses with a horse-drawn mower. Application of mineral fertilizers to the soil and harrowing. General view of a millet field. Grain on the current. 3 part. General view of the field of perennial grasses, sunflower fields. Stacking hay in the field. Herds of cows and sheep of one of the farms in the pasture. Cows and pigs in open pens. A milkmaid milks a cow. Farm workers take the horses out of the stables, one of the men goes round the horse. Horses graze in the meadow. Combines are working in the field to harvest grain. Work on current; in the foreground are sacks of grain. Haymaking in the field, mowers stacking hay on carts. Harvesting potatoes in the field, workers collect potatoes in baskets. Harvesting apples in the garden. General view of the apiary, beekeeper at the beehive. Delivery of agricultural products to the state: there are carts loaded with bags of grain. Unloading milk cans. Carpenters work on the construction of a building on the farm. The people leave the club building. Speech by a scientist agronomist from the rostrum.
E. Ermakov
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, agricultural sciences
, plant growing
, state agricultural enterprises
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L. Prague
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