Conversations of the Agronomist Forest and Harvest

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The film includes the following plots: 1st plot. Space beacon for icebreakers. The story tells about the use of satellites for ice escort of ships. The plot uses the following filming: a caravan of ships moves along the Northern Sea Route through ice; the icebreaker "Krasin" leads the ships, navigators in the ship's wheelhouse plot a course on the map; general view of the meteorological installation "Meteor", employees of the television Arctic information center monitor the work of computers, observe the course of ships on the display screen, general view of the satellite "Screen", with which information from ships is received and transmitted. New in Welding - The story tells about a new technology for welding seams on a lining. The plot includes the following filming: sea vessels in the port; ships "Slavyansk", "Balashikha", Pyotr Dutov "and others in the dock for repairs; welding on one of the ships; general view of one of the workshops of the Southern Research Institute of Morflot, where new ceramic gaskets are being tested, used in welding works on sea The Institute's engineers are discussing the test results. 3-rd plot. Engine covers - a second life! The plot tells about the technology of restoration of the covers of the main engine "Sulzer RND-90". The plot includes the following filming: ships are in the port; production processes at the Leningrad ship repair factory: restoration of the covers of the main engine "Sulzer RND-90", treatment of the cover with a special composition, installation of the engine in the engine room of the ship. 4th plot. Marine philately. The plot tells about thematic collections of philatelic seascape. The plot uses the following filming: Collector - philatelist V.V. Sinegubov at the table with a collection of stamps, talking with young sailors who came to visit the collection RU; V.V.Sinegubov with cosmonaut V.Gorbatko.
E. Ermakov
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, out-of-school education
, computer engineering
, sea transport
, meteorology
, shipbuilding industry
, collecting
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L. Dmitriev
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There is no data
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