Conversion Lessons

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The film tells about the first steps of conversion on the example of enterprises of the rocket and aviation industries. 1st part. Students in the classroom at a math lesson. The teacher dictates the terms of the problem (synchronously). Engineers at work on drawings for household products in the design bureau of the production association "Kastryulya" on the territory of the former defense enterprise. Stamping pots in the workshop. Empty workshops of the defense industry. An empty missile assembly shop. Cutting armored vehicles for scrap. Street trade in cigarettes, alcoholic beverages. Picketers with homemade posters on the street. Signs on the posters: "5 percent is a new feeding trough for bureaucrats"; "Instead of space rockets - help miners", etc. Cake with the US flag. Loaf of black bread with the flag of the USSR. Night city of Tokyo. Cars in the showroom of the international exhibition. Customers on the sales floor of a department store; TVs at the stand. Assembly of dental chairs in the rocket shop of the Fakel Scientific and Production Association; inspection of finished products. Manufacturing of woodworking machines and antennas for satellite television in the workshops of the Fakel association. Landing of a fighter on an aircraft carrier. The Yak-52 sports plane takes off and performs aerobatics in the air. Vertical takeoff of the Yak-141 aircraft. Assembly of Yak-112 and Yak-54 aircraft in the workshop. The launch and flight of an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. Newsreel footage: May Day demonstration of workers and a parade on Red Square (1970s); rocket launchers, tanks drive through Red Square; General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU L.I.Brezhnev, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR N.A. Tikhonov, Minister of Defense of the USSR D.F. Ustinov on the platform of the mausoleum; production processes in the shops of a German military plant (1941-1944), German tanks, guns, aircraft. 2nd part. Assembly of bullet train, production of units for packaging bulk materials in the workshops of the aviation industry. Design bureau, satellites assembly shop at the Progress plant of the Samara rocket and space complex. Installation of devices and cameras on the Photon satellite. Aerial photographs taken from the satellite. Press conference at the Progress plant for foreign journalists. Production of disposable syringes, automatic sausage machines and equipment for small bakeries in the shops of the Progress plant. Missile assembly shop. Rocket engine. An empty workshop where the Energia rocket was assembled. Launch complex of the Baikonur cosmodrome. A hot tub made on the same mill as the engine for the Energia rocket. The rite of baptism in the church.
B. Smirnov
Film ID
school education
, private trade
, japan
, food industry
, air force
, germany
, state trade
, medical industry
, christianity
, railway engineering
, pickets
, astronomy & cosmonautics
, defense industry
, air transport
, manufacturing of household appliances and machines
Number of Parts
N. Novitsky, S. Chernyshev
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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