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A film about the activities of the Soviet foreign trade association "Selkhozpromexport", which provides assistance in the design and construction of facilities to individual agricultural firms and entire state branch departments in more than 60 foreign countries. The film includes the shooting of: Republic of Yemen. Workers drilling in the desert. Well in the valley [Hadhramaut]. Peasants harvesting pumpkin. Dam on the mountain river Bana. Repair shops built with the assistance of the "Selkhozpromexport" association. Syria. Dam on the Northern Kibir river. Workers on the construction of hydraulic structures. Pumping station on the Euphrates reservoir. The peasants are harvesting oranges and cotton. Mongolia. State agricultural enterprise "Ulan-Talgoy": harvesting tomatoes in greenhouses; livestock farm. Ulan Bator. Workers at the construction of an elevator for storing crops. Children plant trees in the courtyard of a residential building. The bakery workers bake national bread. Dairy building. Technologists are discussing working moments in one of the shops, the worker puts packages of butter on the conveyor. Cuba. A man with children walks in the park. People are resting in a cafe by the ocean. The main canal on the Sasa reservoir. Agricultural technicians of the scientific laboratory at work. People dance at the festive carnival after the harvest is over. Statuette "Golden Mercury" against the background of the globe and national flags of different countries.
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protection of nature and the environment
, holidays
, main transport
, state agricultural activities
, water supply and water use
, food industry
, building
, livestock
, architecture
, peat
, forestry
, power engineering
, landscapes
, tractor and agricultural machine building
, reclamation
, sculpture
, plant growing
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