Cooperator №2

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The first part. The plot 1. BANK OF IDEAS. The plot tells about the inventive cooperative center "Business" in Moscow. Summer, Moscow, traffic on the streets. Kirov street perspective. Traffic light red. Building of the inventive cooperative center "Business". Work in the shops of the cooperative. The director of the center, physicist, inventor G.N. Vaks, talks about the goals of his cooperative's work, about taxes (sync.). Type of maneuvering cart - products of the cooperative. Artistic decoration of the premises of the cooperative by employees. Making bricks in one of the shops of the cooperative using a pressing machine created in the cooperative. A type of particularly reliable, wall-mounted safe. Night, the car is in the yard, the alarm system is triggered - a compact anti-theft device "Avtostorozh", developed by the cooperative's specialists. Plot 2. PHYSIOTHERAPEUTIC HEALTH AND HEALTH COMPLEX "FLOKS". The plot tells about the work of the "FLOKS" complex. Leningrad, the bus passes by the "Bronze Horseman", the trolleybus goes over the bridge, in the background - the Peter and Paul Fortress, streets in the city center, passers-by. The building in which the cooperative physiotherapy complex "FLOKS" is located, a board on the building with a list of services, the interiors of the room, girls in gymnastics classes in the gym, a young man with a barbell, training on simulators under the guidance of trainers. Doctor-therapist E.M. Slonimsky talks about the work of the staff of the complex (sinhr.) Workers of a sewing factory at work at sewing machines. Workers of a garment factory on simulators in "FLOKS". A session of manual therapy. An ophthalmologist conducts a session of bioenergetic massage. General Director of the association of pawnshops N.O. Gvizdovsky talks about the cooperation of the association and the complex "FLOKS" (sinhr.). The trainer conducts a lesson with adolescents in martial art. View of the center of Leningrad at night. Second part.Plot 3. COOP "GRANAT". The plot tells about the engineering and technical cooperative "Granat" in Kazan. Summer, Kazan, Poland in the city center (filmed from the top). The chairman of the cooperative "Granat" BV Furtsev talks about the work of his enterprise, about its field of activity (sync .). Cooperative employees at work in the workshops. Electromagnetic device "Contact" - development of the cooperative "Granat", demonstration of the device. Medical equipment items produced by the cooperative. Doctor of Medical Sciences M.S. Sagal with a retractor (expander) created by him in the operating room. A fragment of the operation on the chest. Plot 4. Quickly. The plot tells about the cooperative cafe "In a Hurry". Summer, Moscow, traffic on the Dorogomilovsky bridge, the building of the hotel "Ukraine", Manezhnaya square, the old building of the university, Pushkinskaya square, a monument to A.S. Pushkin, queue at McDonald's on Tverskoy Boulevard. People from the queue tell why they go to McDonald's (sinhr.). Visitors eat at tables, employees at the checkout service serve customers. The "Haste" cooperative cafe on Sretenka. Pancakes are baked in a frying pan, visitors are at tables, waiters serve customers, cafe interiors. Cooks in the kitchen. Collective farm market, men buy radishes, a tray of apples. The director of the cafe B.N.Beroev talks about the principles of his enterprise (sinhr.). A little boy goes to a flower bed with tulips, falls into flowers. Cars are driving down the street, in the foreground - flower bed with tulips.
V. Kuznetsov, D. Rodichev
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medical services for the population
, road transport
, textile industry
, collective farm trade
, medical industry
, public catering
, cooperation
, medical non-traditional
, cities
, electrical industry
, consumer services
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N. Novitsky, V. Bezenkov, A. Rostovtsev
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