Corporals Shadow

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Monuments to Soviet soldiers who died during World War II. Germany. A bunch of revenge-seekers. Von Thadden speaking. Listeners, applauding in the hall. Jail. The sentry on the tower. Cars driving out of the prison gates are with A. Speer, who has served 20 years. Neo-Nazis present flowers to Speer. Chronicle: the hijacking of people to Germany. Spandau Prison. Cars with B. von Schirach, the Fuhrer of Hitler's youth, are driving out of the gate. Demonstrations in the streets of West Germany against the revival of fascism. Fight with the police. Founding Congress of the National Democratic Party. Von Thadden speaking. The Nazis are singing. Chronicle. The last speech in the Bundestag of Mans Reiman - First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Germany. The Bundestag administrator drives Reimann out of the rostrum. Nuremberg. Courtroom. Posters on the streets of the city urging people to vote for the NDP. Leaflets. Loudspeaker by car. Hesse. Delegates to the meeting. The inscription "NDP". A bunch of revenge-seekers. Speakers: Adenauer, G. Seebom, V. Brandt. Strauss's book "Project for Europe". Strauss at the parade. Technique passage. War plant on the Rhine. A tank comes out of the gate. Reception of the Portuguese dictator Salazar, Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany G. Krone. West German tanks on the streets of Athens. Rocket range. Visit of Strauss and Adenauer to Israel. Israeli aggression in various countries using military equipment produced on the Rhine. Jewish cemetery. Fascist inscriptions on the gravestones. The building of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Text of the Potsdam Agreement. Signatures. Modern military equipment of the Bundeswehr. NATO military exercises. GDR. Rolling mill. High voltage lines. Descent of the ship. Dresden. People at the machines, at the tables, feed the child. Rhine. Mines. Mountains of coal. Strikes in mines. Demonstrations of workers. Dispersal of the demonstrators by the police.
А. Medvedkin
Film ID
defense industry
, fascism
, zionism
Number of Parts
А. Popova, G. Epifanov
Other Creators
Screenplay A. Medvedkin
Release Date
Has Sound

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