Cosmonaut Komarov

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Film-reminiscence about the USSR pilot-cosmonaut Vladimir Mikhailovich Komarov. 1 part. Types of Moscow: Novy Arbat and Gorky streets, the building of the maternity hospital № 7 named. G. Grauerman, Zaryadye district, traffic on the street, traffic and pedestrians, monuments to K.E. Tsiolkovsky, V.M. Komarov. The moment of the opening of the monument to Vladimir Komarov in the Orenburg region in May 1982, where his life was tragically cut short. Cosmonauts V. Shatalov and B. Volynov are carrying a basket of flowers to the monument. Vladimir Komarov's wife - Valentina Yakovlevna on the podium. Laying flowers at the monument. Feather grass in the steppe. A helicopter flies over the monument. Cosmonauts V. Shatalov, B. Volynov give interviews (sinhr.). Landscapes of the steppe, rivers, swamps. Used photographs of the first cosmonauts: Yu.A. Gagarin, G. Titov, A. Nikolaev, P. Popovich, V. Bykovsky, V. Tereshkova, K. Feoktistov, B. Egorov, as well as photographs from the family archive of V. Komarov. Part 2. Moscow city. A building in Palchikov Lane with a memorial plaque with the People's Democratic Party: "In July 1941, units of the people's militia division of the Dzerzhinsky district of Moscow were formed in this building, who stood up to defend the Motherland during the Great Patriotic War." Memorial plaque on the building with the NDP: “In this school from 1935 to 1941 studied twice Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut, engineer-colonel VM Komarov. Killed at the end of the test flight on April 24, 1967. " Monument to V.M. Komarov in the school yard. Monument to Tsiolkovsky on Prospekt Mira. Memorial plaques on the Kremlin wall with inscriptions YA Gagarin, NN Voronov, VN Komarov and others. Chimes on the Kremlin's Spasskaya Tower. Changing of the guard at the Lenin Mausoleum. Moscow region, Star City: views of the city, the house where Komarov lived. Cosmonauts Vladimir Shatalov and Boris Volynov talk about V. Komarov's last flight on the Soyuz-1 spacecraft (sinhr.) The film uses photographs from V. Komarov's family archive.
B. Svoysky
Film ID
, space exploration
Number of Parts
A. Nazarov
Other Creators
screenwriter B. Kozhin, sound engineer V. Shubin, editor P. Nedoluzhko
Release Date
Has Sound

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