Cosmonaut Two in the USA

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Film about GS Titov's stay in the USA. G.S. Titov's meeting with his wife at the airport in New York. UN headquarters building. Titov's meeting with UN Secretary U. Tan. Types of buildings, streets of New York City. City of Washington. The building and premises of the US State Department, the White House. Monument to A. Lincoln. Obelisk D. Washington. G.S. Titov with his wife and the American cosmonaut D. Glen visiting the sights of the city, visiting the Museum of Cosmonautics. D. Glen and G. Titov at a reception with D. Kennedy. Press conference of G. Titov at the USSR Embassy. Conference of the International Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COSPAR). Conference hall. G. Titov speaking. City of Pittsburgh. G. Titov visits a steel plant, meets with residents of the city. Seattle city. G. Titov visits the exhibition "The Twenty First Century". Territory, pavilions of the exhibition. The police are guarding G. Titov. A tower with an observation deck - "space needle", attractions of the exhibition. The movement of the road train on the territory of the exhibition. Cable car. Water stadium. Motorboat parade. Speeches of athletes on water skiing.
D. Bogolepov
Film ID
scientific connections
, higher state bodies and institutions
, exhibitions
, water sports
, metallurgical industry
, museums
, sculpture
, international organizations
, diplomatic relations
, cities
, air transport
, cosmonautics
Number of Parts
P. I was looking for
Other Creators
sound engineer A. Kulakov
Release Date
Has Sound

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