Creative Passport of an Engineer

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The film sketch tells about the work of the engineers of the Resurrection compressor station, about the initiative of the station employees to introduce personal creative passports. Work premises of the station. Dispatching point. The engineer takes the readings of the instruments. Creative passport of an engineer. The specialist of the Voskresensk linear production department fills in the fields of the specialist's creative passport, which is given to each engineer and technical worker. The creative passport of the engineer of control and measuring devices Alekhin Aleksey Ivanovich with excellent points. A.I. Alekhin at his workplace masters a new position - a senior inspector of a compressor station, talks with a colleague, works at home on drawings, receives an award at a general meeting of the collective, at a lesson at the school of propagandists. Deputy Chairman of the local committee AI Alekhin receives visitors. Lesson in the classroom of the school of propagandists. The compressor station operator on duty measures the pressure at the shut-off valves. A panorama of the instruments in the control room, which replaced the control devices at the units. Meeting of the NTO Council. Awarding of the best creative teams of the station.
L. Krylov
Film ID
Number of Parts
L. Krylov
Other Creators
Editor V. Gudkin, consultants V. Nekhaev, V. Zakharov
Release Date
Has Sound

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