Crime without Punishment

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A film about F.F.Raskolnikov. The text of the film was compiled on the basis of FF Raskolnikov's diaries and documentary materials. France. FF Raskolnikov's wife at the common grave "Burial of unclaimed ashes from 1930-1942" in the Russian cemetery Sainte-Genevieve de Bois, lays flowers on the grave. Cemetery. Service in an Orthodox church (synchronously). Cemetery. Russia. The city of St. Petersburg. Ice drift on the Neva. Moscow city. Kremlin. Panorama. Red Square. House-Museum of I. V. Stalin in [g. Burn]. About FF Raskolnikov they say (synchronously) the widow of Raskolnikov - Tamara Ivanovna, Lev Razgon, V. Kaverin, Shekhovtsev. Winter landscape Peredelkino. Photos by F. F. Raskolnikov over the years. Shots of the feature films "Battleship Potemkin", "October", "Oath", films about V. I. Lenin and I. V. Stalin, films dedicated to the First World War, the 1905 revolution. Chronicle footage dedicated to the First World War, the royal family, the Civil War. Chronicle footage, film portraits of F.F.Raskolnikov, Kolchak, Milyukov, P. Dybenko, L. B. Trotsky, L. Reisner, F. Chaliapin, Vs. Meyerhold, M. M. Litvinov, S. M. Budyonny, A. Lunacharsky, I. Papanin, L. B. Kamenev, A. F. Kerensky, A. Stakhanov, M. Tukhachevsky, A. Hitler. Chronicle footage: famine in the Volga region, homeless children, the Spanish Civil War, a concentration camp, Jews are put in freight cars, the Nazis burn books, a torchlight procession. Mercedes moves along the embankment of the Moskva River. A. Dolsky sings a song, accompanying himself on an accordion, in the guise of a blind man. Actors perform fragments of the play "Robespierre" by F. Raskolnikov.
I. Margolina, M. Lyakhovetsky
Film ID
world war i
, the second world war
, funeral
, economic policy
, christianity
, museums
, revolutionary movement in russia
, cities
, music
Number of Parts
M. Minkin, S. Vorontsov
Other Creators
G. Slutskaya, V. Levkovich, L. Kopysov, S. Davydov, song A. Dolsky, speakers E. Lazarev, N. Ruslanova, Yu. Kolychev
Release Date
Has Sound

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