Cuba Materials on the Film The Burning Island

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Yacht Granma anchored at sea. From the yacht, the rebels go down into the water, going to the shore, raising their weapons above their heads (staged, reconstruction of the events of 1956). There is a sign on the tree with an inscription indicating that this is the place where Cuba's freedom began. The cement path through the swamp is the path along which the rebels fought their way into the mountains. Meeting room of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba. Prime Minister F. Castro, President O. Dorticos and ministers discuss housing reform. F. Castro visits a fishing village, built after the revolutionary government came to power, meets with soldiers of the people's militia and with a group of Soviet youth. The Minister of the Armed Forces of Cuba R. Castro visits the area of fortifications and the location of the troops, talks to the military, examines camouflaged firing points. R. Castro with his wife V. Espin - chairman of the Federation of Cuban Women in the country. Participants of the meeting of heads of agricultural cooperatives in the office of the chairman of the Institute of Agrarian Reform J. Jimenez. Sugarcane plantation in Orienta province. Poultry farm in one of the agricultural cooperatives. The building of the American Embassy in Havana. There is a queue at the building, wishing to obtain a visa to the United States. Departure of those "fleeing" from Cuba at the airport in Havana. Buildings of the nationalized oil refinery of the American company "Texaco", the bank of the "Nestley" company, the textile factory "Ribbon" and others. Nationalized institutions and enterprises are guarded by soldiers of the people's militia. Views of the cities of Santiago de Cuba, Manzanillo, Trinidad. Construction of hotels, cafes in the resort area. Shelter for the elderly in Varadero. Visitors at tables in an artistic cafe. Among those present are poets N. Guillen and P. Neruda with his wife. Artist A. Skul in the studio, sculpts and paints a picture "Meeting of Nikita Khrushchev in Havana." Visit of the President of Guinea Ahmed Sekou Touré to Cuba. Film director S. Bondarchuk and film actress I. Skobtseva in Havana during the week of Soviet films. Writer G. Borovik and F. Castro walk along the path through the swamp. Cameraman R. Carmen shoots F. Castro among the peasants. Streets of Havana on New Year's Eve. On the square there are guests invited to the New Year's dinner. At the table O. Dorticos, F. Castro and others. Performances of artists on the open stage. Directed by I. Ivens, R. Carmen, cameraman V. Kiselev on the street in Havana.
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Film ID
, holidays
, cultural connections
, livestock
, literature
, settlements
, plant growing
, painting
, collective farms
, textile industry
, economic policy
, emigration
, guinea
, nationalization
, sea transport
, chemical industry
, everyday life
, higher state bodies
, agriculture
, diplomatic relations
, armed forces
, the ussr
, the revolution
, cinematography
, public organizations
, public catering
, political connections
, cities
Number of Parts
V. Kiselev, R. Carmen
Other Creators
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No Sound

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