Cuts of the Next War

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The film was edited on the basis of newsreels of the Second World War from the collections of the State Film Fund of Russia and the Russian State Archive of Film and Photo Documents. 1st part. Newsreel footage. The dancer performs a dance with daggers. The faces of soldiers from Germany, USSR, Yugoslavia, Japan. German prisoners of war take off their uniforms, rip off the swastika. German soldiers wash, shave, cut their hair. German military doctor vaccinates soldiers. German soldiers are crossing the bridge, pushing a cannon off-road, pulling stuck military equipment, carrying a boat. Naked men in hats pose for the camera. The movement of German tanks. Soviet soldiers in the water at the crossing are pushing an artillery gun. A group of Soviet fighters pushes a car and a truck stuck on the road. Corpses of horses on the road. The soldiers wade the river. Soldiers-skiers go down the slope. Soldiers set up a tent, a cannon. 2nd part. Newsreel footage. German soldiers near the tank greet each other. The movement of German troops and equipment. Soviet officers in position. The tank breaks the wall of the house. German soldiers flee to the attack on the battlefield. Soldiers on motorcycles ride along the railroad ties. German soldiers at a halt. The soldiers take aim, load their guns. The dancer performs a dance with daggers. The soldiers are sitting at the table. A killed soldier on the battlefield. German soldiers with bowlers at the field kitchen. The cook tastes the food. The soldiers are having lunch. A German soldier milks a cow and drinks milk. German soldiers at a halt depict the fight of a bullfighter with a bull during a bullfight. Soviet soldiers carry the wounded to the boat. German soldiers say goodbye to the dead. Soviet soldiers and officers say goodbye to the dead. The soldiers at the coffin with the body of the deceased salute. Soldiers bury the grave, put up a cross. Gunshots at the grave of the dead. African soldiers are dancing.
V. Mansky
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the second world war
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V. Tzetdinov, V. Martynov
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Has Sound

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