Czech Chronicle No 23

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Tenth Congress of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. General view of the hall. Presidium. On the podium is the President of Czechoslovakia A. Zapotocki. A. Novotny, I Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Churches, is speaking. View of one of the former concentration camps. On one of the barracks there is an inscription "Death block". The interior of the camp museum: on the walls there are photographs of prisoners. The rally, among those present - former prisoners in striped clothes. Burial of urns with ashes in a mass grave. Agronomists check the germination of crops in the field. A plowed field. The machine operators are preparing the seeder for work; seeder in the field. One of the shops of a spinning factory: a foreman and a worker are examining bobbins of yarn. Planning department work. The fitter checks the machine. Checking the quality of finished products. Interior of the Museum of Music. Speech by a symphony orchestra (synchronously) in the hall of the conservatory. Applause in the hall. Musicians' bows. Wind Musical Instrument Factory: Assembly Shop. The ensemble of the factory performs the national melody (synchronously) on manufactured instruments. Performance of gymnasts in the park. Moments of fencing competition in the sports hall. Spectators in the stands. Descent by kayaks along the mountain river. Moments of a football match at the stadium in Prague. Spectators in the stands. Moments of table tennis competition in the gym. Winner's reward ceremony.
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, communist parties
, table tennis
, rhythmic gymnastics
, textile industry
, football
, museums
, rafting
, agriculture
, production of cultural goods
, 2nd world war
, music
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