Czech Chronicle No 25

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Prague. Hradcany. President of Czechoslovakia A. Zapotocki takes Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and his entourage. The pioneers from the balcony of the house greet the Indian delegation; pioneers give flowers. Solemn farewell to Jawaharlal Nehru at the airport: the Prime Minister of India bypasses the guard of honor, says goodbye to the Czechoslovak officials and representatives of the Indian embassy who are seeing him off; climbs the ladder to the plane; the plane takes off. Meeting of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in the hall of one of the theaters. Scientists are making reports. Village. Work in the barn: the milkmaid pours water into the drinking bowls: the milkmaid distributes hay to the cows, milks the cow, pours milk from buckets into a can. Construction of a residential building: an excavator with a bucket digs a hole for the foundation; the truck takes the land away; builders are laying bricks. Demonstration of workers on May 1 in Prague: the columns are on the city streets, pass in front of the government tribune; cameramen are filming. Cinemas with special effects: spectators are given special glasses; spectators in the hall with glasses. Fragments of the construction of a stadium in Prague. Watering plants in greenhouses. Kindergarten: pupils for a walk. Small children at the pond in the park with a teacher. Zoo: Veterinarians treat chimpanzee teeth. Indian pilots at the airfield; they are greeted by families with flowers.
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, cinemas
, building
, international connections
, livestock
, india
, settlements
, state holidays
, preschool education
, zoos
, plant growing
, city
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