Czech Chronicle No 5

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Footage of the military action of the Second World War: the Czech military ferry tanks across the river; soldiers are ferried in inflatable boats; shooting from rifles (synchronously). Anti-war march in Prague: cyclists with anti-war posters on their backs drive through the streets; people from the back of a lorry throw leaflets; convoy of cars; demonstration of workers is on the evening streets. Construction of a workshop of one of the factories: workers lay bricks, a foreman brings an appeal to the world. Landscapes: winter forest; rapids on the river; banks in the snow; winter country road; rural houses in early spring. Komsomol members ride in a sleigh harnessed to a pair of horses along the winter road to the village club for a meeting; meeting in the club. The work of the milkmaids in the barn: cleaning the cows; stack hay; distribute hay to cows. Museum-estate in the winter forest: the interiors of the museum; visitors inspect the stands with books, letters, photographs. A new bus "KAROSA" travels along a winter rural road; the interior of the bus; the bus stops; the driver raises the hood. Visitors to the tailoring atelier. Sports exercises in the hall: a group of men doing exercises; a man performs an exercise on the uneven bars. Pair skating: athletes demonstrate their free program to the public at the stadium.
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the second world war
, urban transport
, clubs
, livestock
, fight a healthy lifestyle
, museums
, settlements
, landscapes
, youth organizations
, czechoslovakia
, cities
, borbazamir
, consumer services
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