Czech Chronicle No 7

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Government Palace in Hradcany. [Session dedicated to the tenth anniversary of building a democratic society in Czechoslovakia]. General view of the hall; guests from foreign countries in the hall. The speaker talks about the successes in building socialism in Czechoslovakia (synchronously). President of Czechoslovakia A. Zapotocki awards government awards to advanced workers, scientists, and military personnel. Weaving factory: workers in the workshop at the looms. Fashion designers develop new styles of clothing; demonstration of new clothing models. Party meeting in the village club; collective farm leaders are speaking; collection of signatures. Work in the barn: the cattleman cleans the cows; milkmaid milks a cow. Poultry farm: The poultry house distributes feed to the chickens. Pigsty: pig with piglets; pigs in the pen. Plant [synthetic building materials]: production of plastic parts. [Alaska]. A dog sled rides against the backdrop of snowy mountains. Life of the Eskimos: a woman hangs skins on a rope; men drive sled dogs into harness; children ride down the slides. Moments of speed skating competitions: women, men are running; spectators along the paths; winners. Ski factory: production of skis. Automobile plant: a worker paints a part of a car with a spray gun. Exhibition of paintings by avant-garde artists. Visitors in the hall. The avant-garde artist paints against the background of the old castle. One of the Asian countries: the exterior of the palace; neighborhoods of the poor; market Square.
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higher state bodies and institutions
, exhibitions
, woodworking industry
, livestock
, textile industry
, asian countries
, settlements
, alaska
, skating
, automotive industry
, communist party of czechoslovakia
, painting
, awards
, peoples life
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