Czech Chronicle No 8

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Winter landscapes: forest, waterfall, mountain. Transplanting trees from the forest to the monument to those who fell in the fight against Nazi Germany: an excavator digs a tree out of the ground with a bucket; using a crane, trees are loaded onto trucks; planted at the monument. Elevator: workers put grain onto the conveyor; sorting machines are working. Military exercises in the winter forest: the commander gives commands to the fighters-skiers; the commander marks the path traveled on the map; sighting with rifles. Moments of cross-country skiing competition in the forest. The judges at the finish line fix the time, correspondents take pictures of the winners. Moments of the competition in artistic gymnastics among men: athletes on the "horse", on the uneven bars. Spectators in the hall. Port type: ships at the pier, among them - the ship "Lidice"; the captain reports to the management about the readiness to sail. Extreme sports: winter swimming in the ice-hole; an athlete under a winter waterfall; an athlete is rubbed with snow. DPRK. Military airfield. The planes are on the airfield. Solemn meeting of the pilots.
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air force
, business enterprises
, river transport
, forestry
, gymnastics
, north korea
, landscapes
, czechoslovakia
, ski race
, armed forces
, sculpture
, swimming lovers
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